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One Night

pada 31 Mei 2012

In a night haloo a friend . Good night , well , ) . for a moment ? ? Isn ‘t this day , huh ? ? ” Well i just realized . ! It turns out it … it was just noon hihihi out what ‘s different night and day . You know , eh ? Is there a difference ? Ahem , what maybe it was seen from the intensity of the light ? Or , the wind probably ? Ah , or will it only trick us feeling ?

Well i knew ! ! It turns out these days have lunch … hihihi who knows what difference night with a nap . You know , eh ? Is the difference ? Um , perhaps it was seen from the intensity of the light ? Or , the wind may ? Ah , or could it really a hoax our feelings ? I dunno , but i think everyone must everfeel quiet dark , and and don ‘ t know the way where the day ; jauntiness , also felt brilliant , and full of imagination in the night . That is natural , hehe . And then there is in the condition of being what are you now ?

Okay , if you ask balik to me , was where do i now , so i ‘m going to tell you a little bit . Now , in front of me , is a the street lamps . Because there is no light of the sun in the night of the wind , it looks so mencoloknya the light . But unfortunately , he will be paid attention only when didn ‘t burn as it should be . Yahh , so sometimes , loops of the attitude of a busy themselves pacing under lekat the light . Not care with the energy without them realize have help them a lot on his steps . No matter how much the other who helped him to continue to survive .

Under the light , a little bit left a little bit , now , i saw the body . Ah , just a kid . But what is he alone ? He sat down with folding legs the thigh little its legs attached to the chest , both hands and curled mungilnya legs . Maybe tonight so cold it he hugged his legs warm up to me . Ah , or he is being miss you hugs somebody who could stay warm and protect it from cruelly land in round about that ? Yes , maybe , yeah .

That kid is been sitting alone . His shirt brown . I ‘m sure the color of the original was white . He brought bundle of cloth , which also dirty . I don ‘t know what it is . When i saw that boy of sebrang the street , her vision stop follow every vehicle streaking fast in front of him . His mouth occasional enunciates something . Whether to whom . To god maybe ? Ah , but i doubt that will be a condition like that she has a lot to learn in thinking about the most creator . Maybe he was talking to himself , or even a friend of imagination . Ah , she ‘s nuts . But , hey wait … Oh , turns from last she ‘s crying !


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