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pada 31 Mei 2012

Smoking !!

According to the survey Indonesia ranked fifth as the number of smokers in the world, and now Indonesia also set new records, the highest number of teen smokers in the world.

“As many as 13.2 percent of the total youth in Indonesia are active smokers, after the commemoration of World No Tobacco Day yesterday. In other countries, the highest number of teenage smokers only reached 11 percent.


Number of smokers who died was quite significant. “Of the total 1.2 million people in Southeast Asia who use tobacco raw materials, 25% of Indonesia of whom died.
This figure is quite significant given the increasing number of new cigarette manufacturers from outside and within the country that invaded the market in Indonesia.

Though of course, all smokers would have known negative effects. Smoking as a cause of various diseases of high mortality rate. But why the number of smokers is still a lot of it??

Drugs / narcotics

Narcotics are substances or drugs derived from plants or plant is not good synthetic or semi synthetic which can cause a decrease or change of consciousness, loss of taste, it reduces to eliminate pain, and can lead to dependence, which is divided into factions as attached in the Act This Act or a later specified by the Minister of Health. Usually at first just try to be coo or solider as friends, but after a long time so it needs danketagihan! If it was only used by certain circles, now the effect is already starting to spread. Not only children “troubled” Love Child Nations Foundation survey show 60-70% of drug users come from good families and 80-90% admitted using drugs while her parents were home. Moreover, as we all know the effects of the drug causes physical and psychological disorders. Damage the central nervous system and other organs. In terms of psychic drug users prone to hallucinations and mental disorders. Not to mention other influences such as isolated, often lying, etc..








Do not think alcohol is harmless. Many harmful content in the liquor as Ethyl-alcohol are intoxicating. Alcohol also can make the addict dangerous for the health of the kidneys and nerves. Addition of alcohol also fueled crime and free sex among teenagers. And also teenagers who start drinking alcohol at age 15 years and under, has a 4 times greater chance to be alcoholic than trying to drink after 21 years.


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